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New Coneflower Colors in the Garden

I decided to try a couple of new coneflower colors in the garden this year. I can’t wait to see how they look next season, when they are more mature and filled out.

Below is the “standard” Coneflower color which is a light purple, lilac color that we have in our gardens. This is the variety that most people associate with Coneflower. Our plants are huge…very tall and make for good “bones” in a perennial garden.

new coneflower colors

I have to say, the light purple Coneflower has been one of my favorites for a long time. But when I saw this new Coneflower color (below) during one of my many trips to the garden center this season…I just had to have it.

New Coneflower Colors

This New Coneflower Color is more of a hot pink/purple and I cannot wait until next season when the plants mature and are loaded with these striking blooms!

I think I will find myself standing at the front of the “Waterfall” garden just staring at this plant next season…it’s going to show up from a mile away!

new coneflower colors

The other new Coneflower color for me is this white one. I actually love white flowers, so this one makes my tummy happy too!

White isn’t really a very new Coneflower color to most people….but it is to me! I really don’t shy away from white flowers. I know some people might think white is boring, but I think white is really vibrant next to green foliage and is especially showy in shady areas. Although Coneflowers don’t belong in shady areas…they like sun and don’t care to have their “feet” very wet. They are great drought tolerant plants.

I’ve seen images of red Coneflowers and some rather coral ones…I’m not much of a red person in the garden, but Coral? Yeah, I’m gonna be all OVER that one next season!

Here’s to trying new versions of an old favorite! Enjoy your country gardens…take time to just sit and stare at them now and then….flowers LOVE attention :)


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