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Meet Ava – Our German Wire Haired Pointer

Here she is....the newest baby doggie in my life...Ava

Here she is….the newest baby doggie in my life…Ava. She was 8 weeks old when we brought her home on my…ahem….51st birthday. Isn’t the 5o year mark supposed to be the diamond year or something really valuable? Well…whatever…she’s a diamond…in the very roughest form you could ever imagine.

I’ve never been around an “ugly dog” …well, let me rephrase that…a “german wire haired pointer” …I always thought…wow, that’s a face only a mama ugly dog could love. But…let me tell you…I LOVE this dog!!! Does that mean I’m an ugly mama…and a dog? Honestly, it’s hard to even call her a DOG…she is more like a person and has become part of the family and my life in ways that I can’t explain. OK, some of them not all good…but I love her.

I lived in a houseful of my babies…then my toddlers…then my teenagers…and I don’t think it was ever as trying, physically exhausting or frustrating…than living with a baby German Wire Haired Pointer.

She was about 3 months old when I was painting white doors and trim in the house…and here is what I found when I took time from focusing on my paint brush and ventured back into reality…

Who's footy prints could these be? #%$$ they are Ava prints!!

Who’s footy prints could these be? #%$$ they are Ava prints!!

Now…this aint my first rodeo. I have seen things like this before

Who in the whole wide big world could have tromped through my paint pan and tracked their little footy prints all over the newly laid wood floor in the hallway? Yep…it was Ava…just as I suspected.

My apologies for this next photo…it’s blurry, but I was laughing so hard…and it’s the only one I got…

Ever watch "Forensic Files" ? I think she's busted...

Ever watch “Forensic Files” ? I think she’s busted…

You can’t get mad…all you can do is…laugh.

I had been told that these bird hunting dogs are…how do we say…freaking nuts??? But I didn’t know to what extent. Until now. If I could harvest her energy and bottle it? I would be a gazillion-aire! I thought Border Collies were energetic. But Ava? She could run circles around a three ring circus and never get tired.

She IS a three ring circus. And I’m tired.

When Ava was little, she acted like a puppy…the way we all are accustomed. Now…Ava is several months old…and NOT little anymore. But…she still acts like a puppy…because she IS a puppy. She is clumsy, full of energy…and can I say…“dumb” as a post? I know…that was mean. She’s not dumb…she’s just a baby! But she’s a huge…“intellectually challenged”…baby…and is pretty much like a bull in a china shop.

I think I need to end this post. And save some of Ava’s antics for another day. Because, you know why? I’m exhausted and she is again whining at the door…wanting to go out and sniff every pile of doggie poop in the yard…and then bury her nose in the little, last bit of snow that’s left…and then point at every noise she hears. Yes, she is a very good pointer! She assumes the perfect stance. And I feel like a proud mama when I see her do it. I’m beyond saving….she has stolen my heart. More of Ava will come…hang on tight and enjoy the ride!!! TTFN!

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