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Cows Need Lovin’ Too

Note: Since I was not here in person, I have no idea if this cattle herd is all boys or all girls. I’m just going to assume they are girls, so am referring to them as “cows” in this post :) If they are bulls or steers, I sincerely apologize to them…nobody likes to be called a cow…unless you ARE one. 

cows need love too

Harper had been dying to visit these cows during a trip to a friend’s farm…she finally got to give them some lovin’…too cute! – Photo courtesy of, Sarah Young

My good friend, Sarah Young, captured this moment while recently visiting a friend’s farm. Some of you might remember Sarah…her business, Have Your Cake Cupcakes was featured here on RCL a while back.

Sarah and her hubby have 2 adorable children, Harper and Ferris. You’d think these 2 kiddos lived on a farm themselves…as “country” as they are!

While Harper’s mama was enjoying some girl time with her farming friend, Harper asked numerous times if she could please go out and visit the cows. It was a cold and windy day, so mama thought it best if they just had some quick “cow time” as they were leaving.

“Harper loved touching the cow’s soft faces and she laughed when one in the back shoved her way to the front to get some lovin’ from her too”! – Sarah Young (Harper’s mama)

One member of the herd even gave Harper a cow kiss with her rough tongue. Now, if you’ve never received kisses from a cow, I’ll tell you that their tongues are much like a cat’s…very sand-paper-ish, but on a much larger scale! So, I’d say that Harper is a true country kid at heart, laughing at the sloppy (and course) affection shown by her new bovine admirer. I’ve seen a lot of kids and adults cringe at the feeling of that rough tongue! Not Harper…she loved it!

cow kisses

You can just see the affection on Harper’s face. I’m sure she absolutely made those cows’ day! Her mama said Harper could have stayed there forever…despite the cold wind.

Harper’s mom is a very accomplished photographer and I always love to see her work, such as this. She captures moments in such a way that I feel as if I’m right there, sharing the same experience.

Sarah’s children have inherited many of their mama’s talents and traits. Harper is already quite a baker and she also shares her mama’s love for animals. I would venture to guess that Harper can probably take some pretty awesome photos too!

I’m lovin’ this cow lovin’ photo and I hope you enjoy it too. Something about kids and animals makes my tummy happy!

If you have special photos of kids with animals to share, please do! I’ll get them on here so we all can have happy tummies! Just leave me a comment below and we’ll get it arranged!

And make sure and check out my brand new blog baby, Blue Onion Bliss…it’s a little sister to Real Country Living. It has a ways to go before its beauty will show through…but just as with any new baby, I am already in love with it!

TTFN! Deena

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