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Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

Bert’s garden is growing nicely this summer and will soon be looking like the photo above, taken in 2008. No matter who you are, when you visit Bert at the “Slackwire Ranch“, you won’t go home empty handed. At least not in the later summer months. One of the most selfless and giving people my […]

Bert’s Bountiful, Beautiful Har...

Bert’s Bountiful, Beautiful Harvest ~ 2010

Bert was busy harvesting and preserving her garden produce for several weeks in the late summer and early fall of 2010. I hardly ever saw her, except when she came up to borrow my pressure canner so she and my girls could have a marathon session involving beets. The girls helped Bert dig up/pull the […]

Prairie Rocket

Prairie Rocket

My sis-in-law and best bud, Bert, came up for a quick visit yesterday and brought her laptop…loaded with the pictures she took of her gardens and canned goods from last summer. She lives about 8 miles further down the road from us, on the Slackwire Ranch…in case you haven’t read the post where I introduced […]

Meet Bert, the Master Garden Ninja Wa...

Meet Bert, the Master Garden Ninja Warrior

Portions of this article were originally posted here on Real Country Living, August 2008. Welcome to the ‘Slackwire Ranch’, home to Jason (Jay) and Roberta (Bertie) Norskog for eighteen years. Everyone calls Roberta, “Bertie”, but she is “Bert” to me. Bert is my sis-in-law (one of Wade’s 4 sisters) and one of my very dearest […]

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