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Doodle’s Country Baby BellyR...

Doodle’s Country Baby Belly…First Edition/Addition

I’m finally getting around to posting a few pictures of my Doodle family’s first born and their country baby belly pictures. The result of the “belly” is our Miss Mardee Bug…and she just turned 2 years old on January 16, 2015. But hey…better late than never, I say! I have to mention that these lovely […]

Short and Sweet Notes


I love, love, love to look over while working at my desk and see this simple, sweet note from one of my daughters.┬áSuch seemingly small things can sure make a mommy feel loved….in a very big way!

Life Happened

Life Happened

I don’t even want to say how long it’s been since I’ve posted here. I used to post pretty much every day…then…life happened. So much “life has happened” that 2 more of our kids are now married (4 out of 5 have tied the knot) and you can now officially call me…NANA!! In fact, call […]

I’m Fired, Whit’s Hired

I’m Fired, Whit’s Hired

I’ve said many times before how proud I am of our kids and the help they give Montana Man and I with this huge job of operating a cattle ranch…and a household full of children. Whitter Baby is, well…the baby of the brood, but she pitches in just like everyone else. It used to be […]

Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

My Montana Man took me for a Sunday drive…along what is called, “Knox Ridge Road“, that leads down into the Missouri River Breaks…just a short few miles from our ranch. Taking this drive is something M&M and I would do with all the kids when they were still living at home. Back then, the price […]

Taking Five

cowboy taking five

You don’t catch M&M lounging around very often. And when you do, it’s not in a Lazy Boy recliner in front of the TV. This rare moment was captured by Pamela of “Roberts Photography“…she was out shooting some senior pictures of our Whit last summer right about this time in August. M&M was helping Pamela […]

Real Country Living “Players...

Real Country Living “Players”

It isn’t very often that I call the loved ones in my life by their given names. To avoid any confusion, I thought it’d be fun to add a list of the “Real Country Living Players” so you’ll always know who I’m talking about while here on the site. There’s more to find out About […]

Whitnee’s Locks, Given With Lov...

Whitnee’s Locks, Given With Love

I’ve been waiting to write this post until I could do it without crying…that time was never going to come, so here goes… Whit has a wonderful friend, Pretty Pamela…let me try that again. We ALL have a wonderful friend…Pretty Pamela. Pamela is also one of the few select young adults that I have “stolen” […]

A Red Head in Mexico

A Red Head in Mexico

My oldest baby (27 years), Adam, and me…enjoying time at the beach bar. We’ve been here in Mexico for 4 full days and have 2 more left to relish before heading back home to the ranch in Montana. Our oldest son got married a bit over 2 weeks ago…we’ve been planning this trip since the […]

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