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Meet Ava – Our German Wire Hair...

Meet Ava – Our German Wire Haired Pointer

I’ve never been around an “ugly dog” …well, let me rephrase that…a “german wire haired pointer” …I always thought…wow, that’s a face only a mama ugly dog could love. But…let me tell you…I LOVE this dog!!! Does that mean I’m an ugly mama…and a dog? Honestly, it’s hard to even call her a DOG…she is […]



Dylan’s sweetheart, Sarah, has the most gentlemanly dog…his name is Zeek. I’m not sure if I’m spelling that correctly, but you get the idea. I’m pretty sure you call Zeek’s breed, “Miniature Collie“. Sarah takes such devoted care of Zeek…he’s 16 years old! He can no longer hear very much…except himself when he barks, which […]

Dogs and Cats Forever on Country Farm...

Dogs and Cats Forever on Country Farms & Ranches

Originally posted here on Real Country Living~August, 2009 Dogs and Cats forever have been the most popular pets in the country. Country Farm and ranch families are included with those who love these animals and hold them with highest esteem. Dogs and Cats become part of the family and in most cases, are the only […]

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