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About Real Country Living

deenaWhen I really stop and think, it’s pretty amazing that life’s journey led me smack dab in the middle of nowhere Montana, on a cattle ranch.

I grew up in the city, but married a Montana cattle rancher when I was 19. I learned everything country during my 30 years on the ranch and love to share those experiences here with you!

Thank you for letting me share our country life with you…along with things a little “deeper” and possibly more personal than just what it’s like to live on a cattle ranch in Montana. Please don’t be shy about leaving comments here…I love to hear from you!

Oh, and all you get on this site is the “real” me…and our “real” life. That’s how we came up with the name for this website, years ago.

Country Living” was my theme idea, but adding the “real” before those words became the perfect way to describe my vision for the site. And I really do believe that no matter where you call home, there are ways to add a feeling of  Real Country Living into your heart and inside those walls…and of course, OUTside the walls too…as in, gardening…I love it and need to have lots of colorful flowers around! I’m kinda sick that way…

So, this is the way it truly is…the good and the bad…the purdy and the ugly!

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