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We have undergone a site and domain transfer and now are sporting a brand new custom design by Blue Onion Web Design!

big sky montana

Look at that big, beautiful sky....Montana!

Why the transition, you ask? Well, in my opinion, Real Country Living was heading in a direction that was entirely too serious and stuffy…serious and stuffy, I am not! Oh, I‘m all business when I need to be, but the rest of the time? Nope, not at all.

I’m a talker…Wade says I can talk to a fence post.  A blogging format is a much better platform for a babbler, like me. If I can converse with a fence post, I figure I should be pretty good at talking to a computer screen too. And the coolest thing is that with a blog, the computer can talk back!! (as in YOU, the visitor). Try that with a fence post…won’t work. Unless you’ve nipped a bit too much Jack Daniels…things could get more exciting…but I haven’t tried that.

Kinkelaar Family

Wade and I (middle) and our 5 children...and some dogs

If you are new to Real Country Living, you need to know that Wade is my handsome Montana Man and I have been writing about his ‘world’ for several years now…which I find quite fascinating.  I was born and raised a city girl, but my life completely changed when Wade and I married…at age 19.  As of today, we have been tied in this knot of happiness since 1982…a lot goes on in that many years (like raising our 5 kids, for example), all of which gets blabbered about jotted down here on the site.

You can learn more about us here…which is the short, short version…you need to hang around on the site for awhile to REALLY get a feel for who we are and what life is like here on the ranch.

With all that being said (I told you I was a talker!), everything you have come to love about Real Country Living will be here, along with new and exciting features. Like being able to leave me comments right on the site…talk BACK to me, I love it!

Site re-designs can be inconvenient, but please hang in therethings will be bigger and better….I promise!!!

Now, I’m off to work some more on the new design….oh, cuz I am a web designer too and owner of that little ol’ web design company that I mentioned was doing our site re-vamp:) Don’t remember the name? That’s OK…I don’t mind typing it again…Blue Onion Web Design. I’d love for you to click on the link and check out my work! TTFN!!

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